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We would like to keep adding to this page with old photographs, articles etc. which may be of interest to those living in Kawakawa Bay.   If you have anything of interest please contact the Association or hand in any photographs etc. to Kawakawa Bay Motors to put in the Association's mail.



Kawakawa Bay is a small settlement facing North / North West on the Hauraki Gulf /Firth of Thames.   In the early days Kawakawa Bay was also known as Sandspit.   In those days the horse was the sole means of transport and then the area was serviced by the ship "Hirere" captained by William Couldrey.   Roads were later developed for the timber mills.   As access to the area improved families moved into the area to farm the land.   Descendants of those early Settlers are still in the area today farming the land or living locally.   Those families include the Ashby, Deery, Couldrey, Cashmore, Renall, Luke, Munro and Adams families.

Kawakawa Bay has also been settled by the Maori.   Evidence of that early occupation can still be seen today with the earthworks of Pa sites still visible on some headland sites.   The first Bay is known to local as "Maori Bay" as many residents recall the Maori families still occupying that land up until the 1960s.   There is still some local land in Maori ownership today.   The Turei family was well known in the area, with the hill coming down into the Bay known as Turei Hill.